You will always have fun in La Tomatina Festival, but if you want to have an indelible memory, you have to take the following tips into account:

    • Wear old clothes or clothes that you are not going to wear later. If so, ready to throw them away. White t-shirt: perfect combination.
    • Wear shoes with a decent grip so that you can throw them out later, just keep them on your feet. Avoid using flip-flops; you can lose them in the tomato fight.
    • The goggles can be your best friend. Your eyes can be sore because of the tomato acid. But it is a pleasure to see how this tomato acid can clean your skin. Tomato exfoliation!
    • If you want to take pictures, use waterproof cameras or just use a protective case.
    • If you are not from Buñol and you want to stay overnight, do not forget to look for accommodation in advance.
    • Come early! The access to the urban area by car will be closed at 07.00. If you want to access, keep walking.
    • Follow the security directions and keep a safe distance of the lorries.
    • Do not miss the palo-jabón. A soap-covered pole with a Spanish prosciutto on the top. The person who climbs to the top and get the prosciutto…win the prosciutto!
    • And last but not least, enjoy to the max. It is a pleasure to release adrenaline throwing tomatoes in all directions during an hour.
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